Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions, select a question to see our response.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here then please get in touch, and we’ll do our best to answer.


My best friend is a singer and I’d love her to sing during the signing of the register. Could you accompany her?

Yes, providing that we can talk to her in plenty of time to source the accompaniment, we’d enjoy that very much.

I’m planning a garden party do you mind playing outside?

Not at all, but we cannot be in direct sun because it damages the instruments so if you don’t have a gazebo we’ll bring ours!

What will secure my booking?

A deposit of £100 now with the balance to be settled by one week prior to the event.

I am getting married at my place of worship, then going on to a hotel for the reception. Can you play for the ceremony and then for the drinks reception at the hotel?

Yes, no problem, we do that often, but do remember that the duration of our booking begins at the time you want us to begin playing at the church and includes the travel time to the next venue.

What will you be wearing?

Well, the women normally wear all black and the men wear tails or dinner jackets (black or white ) but if you have a particular colour scheme we could accessorise to fit in, lets have a chat about it.

Do i need to do anything now that i have booked?

We will need exact details of the venue and times and please remember to let us know should either of these extremely important pieces of information alter!! Also, could you make sure that the venue or venues are aware that a string trio is part of the celebration so they can plan where to seat us.

Will you need anything once you are there?

Thanks for the thought, but the only things that are really essential are 3 straight backed chairs with no arms and enough light to read our music (the offer of a glass of water at some point would be most welcome as it can be thirsty work).

There’s a song that is very special to me but it doesn’t appear in your repertoire list.

Let us know as far in advance as you can and we’ll do our very best to source it.

What happens if one of you are ill on my big day, or one of you just isn’t available?

Don’t worry at all about that, this is something we have to address from time to time. When it does happen we call in one of several of our colleagues, who are already familiar with our repertoire as they have played with us many times before. We can assure you that your day will not be compromised due to our availability problems.