Simply Cycling !

We’re not all about weddings ! we do parties too ! So when Simply Cycling got in touch and said :

It’s Our 10th Birthday!

Come and help us celebrate!

We did !

In spite of the weather and having to flee the lovely stand that had been built for us and take shelter in one of the bike sheds ! We all had a great time !



Simply Cycling 2Simply Cycling 3

Welcome to our new site


We, as The Leighton-Jones String Trio, combining violin, viola and cello, are a group of very experienced full time professional musicians based in the North West of England.

On this site you will find amongst other things: a list of our current “Repertoire”; to the right hand side of the page a “Sample Audio Clips” section so you can hear us play (you can hear more on the main “Audio Clips” page); and in our “Gallery” section we’ll be posting photos we hope you’ll find interesting (e.g people we have played with that you may recognise, venues we’ve played, and much more).

We’ll be updating this site regularly with new pictures and information so do check back soon.
You can see us on both facebook and twitter using the links at the top of the page.

Thanks for stopping by